31. toukokuuta 2012

Why not?

Englanniksi, koska ainakin tällä hetkellä se on mun blogin kieli :') Sorryy...

Sanni asked me to do this kind of a questionnaire. I haven't made these things to this blog earlier. I thought this wouldn't be the right place for them - but why not?

The questions are from Sanni's blog, made by her friend and herself. I'm going to add my own questions to the ending of the text. I'm quite sure nobody answers to them on blog, but I'm sure you'll think about them in your mind.

Lumira's questions:

1. What do you think about these challenges/questionnaires on blogs?
I personally like blogs that tell about everyday life. Challenges are okay, but if they fill 80% of your blog it's a bit disorganized. You have to have some kind of a theme in your blog. If your theme is challenges and you only make texts about them, it's okay too. Argh, I'm sure there are exceptions... Some people can fit everything in anything with style!
2. Esterin auto datsun gee hitaasti etenee vai esko aho diggaa golfia halonen ei?
Voivoi Sanni, ehdottomasti Eskon golffaus kun puhutaan kitaran tai basson kielten sävelistä!
3. Who's your favourite meteorologist?
I know the answer for this one! Petri Takala! He speaks clearly and has this little thing he always does. At the end of every forecast, he slowly walks towards the camera.
4. Do you have any of kind of a collecting hobby?
I like to have the CDs of the best artists and bands. Some Sonata Arctica's singles and special versions are still missing from my shelf! I would also love to have all kind of instruments from a piccolo to cajon drum.
5. If you had to choose, would you like to be photographed or the one who takes the photos?
Photographing would be a great hobby. I would need more money and time to do that, specially money since I use all of them to music. I like taking photos and I'm usually the one who takes them.. at least in some situations. Even more I like to have golden memories. For me, it's very important to have pictures as memories from different kind of situations and times. It's also important that I belong to my memories, so I should be in some photos. Some day, as an old gray man, I'd like to watch photos of me and my friends having fun, rather than just my friends having fun.
6. Do you prefer to Finnish things?
At least music in Finland is really good! And yes, otherwise than that. It's usually working, sustainable, clever and reliable. Food, technology, music, system, all are working quite well!
7. What do you except the most from this summer?
I'm most worried about not having a lot of holiday and starting military service, that I'm sure of! I want to have a great time with my girl and friends; hanging out till it's 3 am and sun begins to rise, partying and just being... I also want summer to be warm and sunny!

Sanni's questions:

1. In what things you could say you're good at?
Having empathy for people who make mistakes or who fail in something although they really tried, encouraging people to achieve their goals, learning things, sports like ice hockey, playing and making music, brainstorming, making movies, technology. I'm also quite good at making embarrassing mistakes.
2. Which celeb do you admire and why?
The singer of Sonata, Tony Kakko, of course. He is, above all, a brilliant musician. His personality and life is very admirable. He seems to be really nice to everybody and have a great sense of humor. Just an awesome guy with the best voice ever - wonderful musician, wonderful person. Role model.
3. What's the best book you've read?
As you can see, I skipped some of the book answers earlier. There's a damn good reason for that :D
4. Are you romantic?
Sometimes I like to think I am, but no, I guess I'm not. It's hard to do some things not feeling pretentious. I'm quite sensitive, but not so much a romantic.
5. What kind of music you DON'T like?
Gansta rap, Finnish rap... Usually there are good songs from every category, but still... Rap and auto-tune POP is not good at all.
6. Has bisexuality become a fashion phenomenon?
I've heard something like that is going on here around Tampere... Wouldn't be a miracle, since I know some people who might think being bisexual is cool in some way. I don't know, and don't want to make any statements about this topic.
7. What would you do with 5000 €uros?
My dream: Home studio (well, with 5k, a part of it) - Reality: Save it until I move and use it for rent, household appliances and technology like TV and 5.1 home theater.
8. What are your best memories from last summer?
Finland's victory in ice hockey world championships against Sweden, Bon Jovi's gig at Olympic Stadium, Helsinki (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!) with C and her two brothers, trip to the Yyteri beach, Pori and Turku-Stockholm-Turku cruise.
9. What was your favourite Pokémon when you were a kid?
This is the impossible question I always come across with. I don't know! Pikachu is the most important Pokémon in the series. Without Pikachu, it wouldn't be the same, but it's not my favourite... There is so many exciting Pokémons, like Haunter, Rapidash, Gyarados, Charizard, the three birds like Moltres... All the first 150 are my favourite!
10. If you could be anybody in the world for one day (real or fictional character), who would it be?
I would like to have or do something that is (almost) impossible to achieve as being me. That's why it would probably be a fictional character. I'm not so good at this question either. I want to fly, make things happen with the power of my mind, be invisible, love and be loved. Shit!.. sounds like Harry Potter!


Sorry for my translations in the questions. I'm still not the best english writer in the world... Damn.

Here are my own questions for you:

1. Where do you see yourself after two years from now? How about ten?
1. Missä kuvittelet olevasi kahden vuoden päästä? Entä kymmenen?
2. What would you do if you were invisible for 24h?
2. Mitä tekisit, jos olisit vuorokauden ajan näkymätön?
3. What is your dream profession?
3. Mikä on unelma-ammattisi?
4. If you were a song, what kind of a song would it be? And how would you name it?
4. Jos olisit musiikkikappale, minkälainen se olisi? Entä sen nimi?
5. What day has changed you as a person?
5. Mikä päivä on muuttanut sinua ihmisenä?

I hope you'd answer my questions on your blog or Facebook or whatever :) Let me know if you are one of those rare people who really do!


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