18. toukokuuta 2012

Quick brief

Last weeks have been crazy, full of everything!

I got my first job ever! (I don't count my week as a telemarketer as an actual job...) I work at a care centre of mentally handicapped people - eight hours per day for five days a week. Since I have no work experience, it's really amazing that I got this job. It will help me in the future in many ways; it's good to have work experience when you're applying to a school or job, money is useful and I learn new things everyday - about the job and the people I work with. The job lasts for in its totality for 6 weeks. It ends in the end of June, only a week before my military service starts.

It's official, I'm a secondary school graduate! My, and hundreds of others, name was in the local newspaper. I also got the results of marticulation exams. They were OK - not great, not poor. I would have needed only two more points to get better grades of Finnish and psychology, so I may retake the exams in fall while I'm in military service. Graduate celebration is on 6th day of June.

So yes, I'm going to military service. I aim for 6-month service so I get away from there as soon as I can. TUKKA LÄHTEE!

Ice hockey world championships are on! The championships are in Finland and Sweden, the most important matches will be played in Finland. Finns won USA today in an amazing and super exciting game, 3-2! Finland won their way to the semifinal against Russia which is on saturday. USA, Canada and Sweden are out of the game where as Russia, Czech, Slovakia and Finland are still in the game. If Finland wins the world championship for the second time in a row, it would be a miracle ;)

This is the month of excitement! Sonata Arctica released their 7th studio album, Stones Grow Her Name, yesterday in Finland! I have it already, and I have to say that it's really different kind of Sonata - again. This album is about rough guitar riffs and hit songs. The album is interesting and good but I'm still a bit disappointed. Well, this is what Tony and other guys in the band wanted to do. Tony: "Our newest adventure is only a final touch short of being ready." Sonata has made a lot of different kind of albums, so I understand their desire to make something different every time.

...As always, this was just a quick brief of everything that's been going on lately. I'm upset 'cause I never have time to write this blog. As before, I'm really busy all the time, so I have no time to write or do anything else, like music. Some day... some day........

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