3. huhtikuuta 2012

Over. So over.

This is it. Upper secondary school is so over!

I'm so glad I'm finally done with this small and stinky school. I won't miss the thousands of hours that I spent sitting bored at the school desk! Now that I'm done with general educational school, I can focus on the future: military service and getting in to an academy. I also hope to leave home as soon as possible.

The pressure from marticulation exams is now gone. The exams didn't go as well as I planned them to go but now it's not the right time to worry about them. The next thing I'm going to worry about is getting accepted to higher education and getting a hair cut for the military service. I will lose all my long curly hair! :'/

I've been "too busy" for writing a blog... again... Actually, I thought I'd publish a text when the examsare over, but I didn't. Today, I finished doing some paper work for a school that I applied. Let's see if I get accepted to do the test.

...You see, it's damn difficult to write about school and my everyday life in English. I keep searching the right words and forms for sentences. It would be a relief to write in Finnish, but do I want a relief? I don't know what I want but right now, blogging feels too hard.

Upper secondary school is overrr!!1

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