13. maaliskuuta 2012

Middle-aged - Highly drunk

I had a break of writing this blog because I had a "vacation" dedicated to reading to marticulation exams. I read very little - watching movies was much more interesting.

Meri and I didn't do much on our vacation, but we did go to Nightwish's concert in Jyväskylä last Friday. Poisonblack supported NW but we weren't interested of seeing them. We went to the concert area after Poisonblack's performance but we still got reasonably good places. Nightwish's show was amazing but some people in the audience made the experience quite undesirable. The place was full of drunken middle-aged people. They shoved other people, shouted stupid things, chatted disruptively and almost toppled their beers on us - And they didn't seem to understand anything we said to them or why we were pushing them away! Although I'm able to buy alcohol now and I know it's funnier to do something when you're a little tipsy, but enough is enough. Concerts aren't a cultural happening anymore where you can enjoy the gig wholeheartedly. If you want to get drunk and forget everything you have done last night, do it somewhere else!

Hopefully I don't have to wait for years to see Nightwish again. I guess they will end their tour in Helsinki in couple of years...
The gig was visually and musically wonderful but it was hard to enjoy it. Check out some videos from the gig in Jyväskylä:

The curtain falling was great

 The gig included lovely pyrotechnics

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