8. helmikuuta 2012

Responsible for the outcome

I have used hours and hours in editing the video for the show of my school's last year's students. The video is almost ready and it has to be returned to the teacher tomorrow. However, some parts still have to be edited...

As I'm writing this blog text, I wait for Windows Live Movie Maker to export an HD video which takes almost 2gb from my hard drive. Editing this is fine, I just hate to wait the exporting forever! Exporting a 8min long video lasts ~50 minutes.

Windows Live Movie Maker is a bitch. This new, "Live" version, gives you an opportunity to export the video with an HD quality, but I think this version lacks of some effects that were in the old Movie Maker - And it sucks. "If you're so interested in editing videos, why wouldn't you buy a better software?" - Who the hell pays for a better software, such as Sony Vegas Pro, 543€?! That program is nice but...really?.. "Starting at 542,95€" (on Sony's website).

Me and my friends were really busy with shooting the video. We shot the last parts today, on the last possible day. Video shoots and the actors' acting went very well but my camera's microphone couldn't handle some parts. It makes this annoying quiet sound all the time and doesn't register all sounds. That's why the editing part became much harder. I have to edit the videos' sound track first and then combine the video and the sound, and after all that, I'm ready to edit the video.

On 16th day of February, I hear the feedback. I wonder if the audience hears the sound and do people start to clap - or is everybody just quiet and unable to hear anything?... Anyways, shooting and editing the video has been fun... It always is.

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