29. tammikuuta 2012

Shade of deep purple-red

During these stressfull times, I managed cheer myself up. Actually it was this band called Amaranthe which cheered me up! Their gig at Klubi (26th of January) was really good! Although they only have published one album and the songs are quite similar to each other, the atmosphere at the gig was really nice.

Amaranthe is a new band from Sweden and Denmark. Their one and only album was released on April, 2011. I heard Amaranthe for the first time in summer 2011 and liked it, but I forgot to listen to it more until this winter. Few weeks ago, I had listened to the whole album for couple of times. Last tuesday, I heard they're playing a gig in Tampere on thursday - I had to seize the opportunity.

I'm really glad I did! A band called Amoral (which singer is the winner of Finnish Idols) played before Amaranthe. They were quite boring but hey, it's always nicer to wait for a good band with a boring band. I had couple of my friends, Joel, Konsta and Sanni as a company. We were at the front row during the gig, which was nice because I got to shake hands with all the three singers of Amaranthe! 

After the gig, Sanni took a picture of me and Konsta with the band... Aaaand I look like a dumb smiling ghost, what the f*:

Definitely gonna see them again. I just wish they'd make more albums soon, haha!

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