29. tammikuuta 2012

Shade of deep purple-red

During these stressfull times, I managed cheer myself up. Actually it was this band called Amaranthe which cheered me up! Their gig at Klubi (26th of January) was really good! Although they only have published one album and the songs are quite similar to each other, the atmosphere at the gig was really nice.

Amaranthe is a new band from Sweden and Denmark. Their one and only album was released on April, 2011. I heard Amaranthe for the first time in summer 2011 and liked it, but I forgot to listen to it more until this winter. Few weeks ago, I had listened to the whole album for couple of times. Last tuesday, I heard they're playing a gig in Tampere on thursday - I had to seize the opportunity.

I'm really glad I did! A band called Amoral (which singer is the winner of Finnish Idols) played before Amaranthe. They were quite boring but hey, it's always nicer to wait for a good band with a boring band. I had couple of my friends, Joel, Konsta and Sanni as a company. We were at the front row during the gig, which was nice because I got to shake hands with all the three singers of Amaranthe! 

After the gig, Sanni took a picture of me and Konsta with the band... Aaaand I look like a dumb smiling ghost, what the f*:

Definitely gonna see them again. I just wish they'd make more albums soon, haha!

23. tammikuuta 2012

But I won't do that

Couple of minutes ago, I was about to write about how I'm so over capacity because of schoolwork... But I won't do that. I was really pissed off but music did it again - made me feel good! Solving math problems and editing my school's students' video project is really frustrating but Meat Loaf's song "I would do anything for love (But I won't do that)" saved me from the stressful feeling. If you want to try it yourself and you have Spotify, just click THIS!
Logo for the video project (Background picture by Paul Underhill, Logo by me)

I spend most of my last days in upper secondary school by filming a "short movie" about my school's teachers (acted by the students). The video project is an annual tradition made by the school's last year's students. I have quite a big burden on my shoulders: I shoot and edit everything of it and time is running out! It has to be ready on 9th of February and I have many exams and plenty of schoolwork to be made before it.

On 16th day of February the last year's students leave the school. Other students have planned a ceremony for us. After that, we will visit some schools around the city and throw sweets to the kids. That's going to be our last day in school and then we head towards Turku where our cruise ship starts its journey to Stocholm. The cruise is kind of a school ending party to us and it lasts for 24 hours.
After these busy weeks, all the last year's students have about four weeks free of school and then we have the school leaving exams - the final exams. Yep, they are going to stress me a lot... Maybe I should listen to the Meat Loaf song again...

12. tammikuuta 2012

Spooky guitar riff

Today I came home from school quite early. I listened to 'Scaretale' on a bus and its main riff got stuck in my head so I decided to learn to play it. I learned the whole song really fast 'cause it's so simple. I also learned most parts of 'I want my tears back'. There's no tabs for new Nightwish songs so I had to learn the songs by ear.

Hear's a quick video from my cell:

9. tammikuuta 2012

Look at these photographs

2012 has already kicked off at full steam but I still want to make a text or two about 2011. This time, I'll use a lot of photographs!
My friend, Sanni, made a text about last year's highlights. The idea was to add a photo from every month and tell about the month. I gotta try it!


1.1.2011 @ Jalasjärvi

My family, including Meri, and my aunt's (who is also my godmother) family spent our New year in Jalasjärvi. Hah, I remember my New year in 2010 in Jalasjärvi - I had just met Meri for the first time couple of days ago and whined about how I want to see her again soon. Back then, I missed her a lot but this time I was with her! On the first night of 2011, we went to a pub for the first time. We sang karaoke in a local pub, Peltokerroin, which name still makes me laugh :') One of the best New years ever for sure. I also started to write this blog in January, btw.


Roland TD4-KX drum kit, 2.2.2011
I had dreamt of drums so much and I finally got one on 1.2.-11! It cost all my money but it was worth it! I was freakin' excited about it but I had a lot of school work to do so I wasn't able to piece it together until the next day, 2.2.-11. I'm really glad that I managed to save more money for more expensive and better kit than I was planning earlier. I've been playing the kit almost every day! The photo was taken right after I pieced the parts together. That explaing why the cymbals are way too high in the pic.


Blue screen of death (Win Vista), 30.3.2011
March was full of stress about school, searching a summer job and my dying laptop. My laptop's system, Vista, errored all kind of stuff and the blue screen of death appeared on the screen almost every day. It was painful to try make it work and make backups. It went crazy while doing even the simplest things like saving a photo to the hard drive. Making a CV was painful too. The laptop was expensive and good so I didn't want to buy a new one. It wasn't repaired until the summer when its damaged internal hard drive was replaced with a bigger, working one, and the system was changed from Vista to Windows 7. Now it runs like a dream! If you have a good Vista computer and it goes mad, consider to replace the system with Windows 7 or upcoming Windows 8! They're much lighter and better!


Sonata Arctica @ Lutakko, Jyväskylä - 28.4.2011
In April, I spent a long weekend in Jyväskylä. Meri and I went to see the best band ever to Lutakko club. We see Sonata once a year, so the gigs are always exciting! Specially now when they had just filmed their second live DVD in Oulu. We also spent the first day of May (Vappu, 30.4.-1.5.) in Jyväskylä. The city was full of "Vappukrääsää", stuff that belonged to celebration of the first day of May. I still remember how much I waited for summer to come...


Celebrating Finland's gold cup in ice hockey's World championship @ Keskustori, Tampere, 15.5.2011
I recall how sad I was when Sweden won ice hockey olympics in 2004. Finland played so god damn well but in the finale, they made too many mistakes in the last period. I was almost sure that they would win for the periods but the last period ruined it all. Back then, the feeling I got was almost infernal when some of the finnish players started to cry after the game - but now Finland got its revenge! On 15th day of May, Finland won the world championship against Sweden. Finnish "Lions" have won the championship one time before in 1995, when they played against Sweden, too. The game ended 4-1 in 1995 but now it ended 6-1! The party at Keskustori was huge. Police estimated that there had been about 30 000 people! The photo is quite good actually... The two guys hugging in the center are so hilarious!


Bon Jovi @ Olympic stadium, Helsinki, 17.6.2011
Me, Meri and her two brothers went to Helsinki to see Bon Jovi at Olympic stadium. It was totally amazing! Incredible! We had "Golden Circle" tickets so we could see the stage really well and close enough. The show lasted almost three hours and Jon still got it on, he still has the amazing, powerful voice! It was raining almost all the time but it didn't matter in any way. Jon accidentally twisted his leg in some point but he didn't complain and all went well till the end. One of the best gigs ever! I got some videos of the gig in my Facebook for you, dear Fb-friends.


@ Yyteri, Pori, 27.7.2011
One of the funniest days of the summer vacation. Meri and I were at a beach with my little brother, my sister and my dad. The beach is in Western Finland in Pori, by the Baltic Sea. It's a great place for people who want to experience foreign-like beach in Finland. We swam in the sea, went to a water slide and played frisbee golf. It was a hot day - a really nice summer day. Dear me... I'm missing summer's warmness and sun again :'/


On a cruise to Sweden and back, 13.8.2011
Meri and I went to a cruise with my family and my mother's two sisters' families. 24h cruises are really fun! The ship departed from Turku and went to Stockholm. I really like the ships' shops, food and bars. On August, school started again. It was officially the end of summer...


School photo, 29.9.2011
Weird... I didn't find any photos from September, except the school photo that I took with my new cell phone, Samsung Galaxy S plus. The phone is great, the school photo isn't. Maybe I don't have any other pictures because I made a lot of stuff for school all the time... Not!  I did write the school leaving exams of geography and english!


Halloween party @ Sanni's, 28.10.2011

In October, Me and Meri went to a Halloween party. Sanni, Rebekka and Anna had organized the party well. You could see the "woman's touch" there. There was good food and punch. Meri and I went to spas on October, too. Lying lazy in a warm pool is so relaxing...


Tickets for the Nightwish concert in Jyväskylä (Picture: 1.11.2011)
November was the music month of the year! I eagerly waited for Nightwish's new album and Sonata Arctica's new live DVD. Now I have them both, and love 'em! Of course the tickets for the NW show for me and Meri are awesome too! In November, I also made two new songs: Strike a Chord & The Cold and Gloomy Night!


My 18th birthday presents from my friends, 17.12.2011
I played in three school concerts (including the church ceremony). One of them had a 12-song-setlist collected from the songs that students like. It's fun to play something you really like instead of all the boring songs that you hear every year in the school. I had my 18th birthday on 17th day of December. My friends had made nice cards and brought nice presents for me.. I'm really thankful for that! Christmas was nice too. I spent my christmas in Jyväskylä, Ylöjärvi and Kauhava with all the close people. I got nice pajamas, leather mittens, wool socks, sweets, a new camera and a lot more! 

New Year 2011-2012!

 New year's eve and day were peaceful this time but still, fun ::) Let's make 2012 a fun year too!