31. joulukuuta 2011

Towards 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, new year is ahead again. Sydney lives in year 2012 already and we're about to get in the new year in next five hours. I can easily say that this year has been the hardest yet the most colorful year of my life. It's been a constant rollercoaster ride - Full of amazing, great things and challenges.

What comes to my music, I have been laziest in years. I've managed to record a new version of Reddish Fall and some new songs: Feed The Fantasy, The One Without A Name (I actually recorded it twice), Strike A Chord and The Cold And Gloomy Night. In december, 2010, I expected to make almost all songs for a "full album" (about 12 songs) in 2011. I wasn't about to make an album or anything, just a lot of songs! School and other stuff have been stressful and that affected to my composing. Today I can actually say the same thing that I said last year. I'm eager to make a lot of songs right now, so you can expect a lot of them next year! I have school leaving exams and military service ahead of me in 2012 - it's gonna be quite a challenge for me to make and record a load of music!

Anyways... Next year is going to be more challenging than this year, I'm sure. I am going to survive of 2012, unless I die on 21th of december when the whole world is going to blow up in pieces... Not! By the way, I hope I can be at home at next year's christmas, because I'm in the army in winter 12-13. 

I spend my new year's eve in Jyväskylä at Meri's. We have some fireworks and a lot of food and Sex and the city episodes to watch, haha! (Yeah, Meri got SATC's oeuvre from me as a gift :) We might go to watch some other's fireworks later tonight too, but our plans are to stay at home and enjoy the last minutes of 2011 for now.

Ah, I don't know what to say. Happy new year and enjoy your last moments in 2011!

PS. My blog has a 1-year-birthday on 17th of January, 2012! ;) I'm sure my text will get better - I'm only learning to write! :D

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