26. joulukuuta 2011

New year's eve ahead!

Christmas is something which you talk about for weeks. It's something you wait for weeks but then it's over in a blink of an eye. 

I'm happy of what I got, what I gave and the time I spent. The thing I'm happiest about is what I gave. It's always important to hear an important person (in this case, Meri) telling you that she has liked something you have done or given. Meri liked the gifts I gave her and I liked the gifts she gave me!

I'm glad about the gifts I got in general - clothes, chocolate, a new Olympus-camera and much more. The traditional trip to Alahärmä went well too. I drove half of the way there and all the way back home. The trip takes almost four hours in one direction. 

For my part, christmas is, more or less, over. Now it's already time to plan the new year's eve! I spend the rest of the week in Jyväskylä with Meri. New year's plans have sounded really good so far! I like to party on new year's eve...

Fireworks were really important for me when I was younger. Now it's more about partying and having a good time with Meri and family. Still, seeing neighbor's and other's fireworks in the sky is really nostalgic in some way. Well, at least it's somehow exciting and relaxing. Everybody is celebrating the year 2012...

It's a good feeling to think back the year 2011 and in the same time to celebrate the forthcoming year. While you think back the last year, you want to forget it in some way and get ready for the next year - for new memories, for new challenges.

Happy and colorful new year, everybody!

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