7. joulukuuta 2011


Today I had a nine-hour school day because I had three retakes: Finnish, Psychology and English vocabulary test (of four different themes). Finland's 94th Independence Day was yesterday, so Meri and I had a day off from school. This morning I woke up tired and now, after the school day and exams, I'm still quite tired and I've got a lot to do.

On monday, I played guitar on three songs at my school's Independece Day's ceremony. The songs were pretty boring but it's always fun to play something, somewhere. Next monday, couple of my friends and I will play a full concert in our school's auditorium. Set list is quite nice because we got to influence to it! It has twelve songs with three songs where I play a guitar solo. On "Imaginary", I get to play keys.

The setlist:

1. You Give Love a Bad Name (by: Bon Jovi)
2. Valokuvia (by: Mamba)
3. Paperweight (by: Joshua Radin)
4. La Dolce Vita (by: Matti Puurtinen)
5. Prayer (by: Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli)
6. Mansikkamäki (by: Katri Ylander)
7. Your Song (by: Elton John) / You And I (by: Lady Gaga)  .. I'm not sure yet!
8. Super Bass (by: Nicki Minaj)
9. Don't You Ever Leave Me (by: Hanoi Rocks)
10. Se Jokin Sinulla On (by: Ronny and the Loafers)
11. Fly Me To The Moon (by: Bart Howard)
12. Imaginary (by: Evanescence)

The set has both, finnish and foreign, songs. I can play the solo on You Give Love a Bad Name but I haven't had time to practise Don't You Ever Leave Me's or Valokuvia's solos! I have time to practise them today and tomorrow althought I'm thinking of going to christmas shopping tomorrow.

Busy times. I'm in a hurry to buy the christmas presents, learning to play the solos, read a book by next wednesday and writing an essay and an initialization for finnish. I can deal with them! :D

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