19. joulukuuta 2011


December has already reached its half way - the snow has fallen and weather has been awful. Last saturday, it was my 18th birthday and on this staurday it's christmas! On 10. december, Meri and I went to "Joulutori" (xmas plaza). There was a lot of handicraft and other nice christmas stuff. I didn't buy anything but Meri bought a gift to her dad.
We made a "snowman" too. I don't know what it was but I have pictures of it! It was fun to make something of snow again. It had a simple body, hair of flames, stick hands, eyes of rock and a nose of a carrot! My sister made a snow lantern and my little brother made a chair of snow. 
"My queen of winter"

The concert in school went well and I have some pictures of it also. I didn't screw anything up which was a suprise because I thought I'd have serious guitar problems. And one of the problems were that I hadn't practised the songs but I learned them before the concert. My friend, Sassi, borrowed his ESP guitar for me and I used it in two first songs.

 From the school concert

Concerts are not over. Next wednesday, school ends and vacation start! Our school has a christmas ceremony in a church and I will play acoustic guitar in it. It's not a big deal although it's quite exciting to play in a church with a miked acoustic guitar. Oh, I can only imagine the silence of the crowd and the echo of the guitar.

After these painful wake ups and sleepless nights, I feel really tired at school. I have to write an essay for tomorrow's english class. But that's ok because I'm going to record some funny music today with Joel, Konsta and Sassi.

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