31. joulukuuta 2011

Towards 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, new year is ahead again. Sydney lives in year 2012 already and we're about to get in the new year in next five hours. I can easily say that this year has been the hardest yet the most colorful year of my life. It's been a constant rollercoaster ride - Full of amazing, great things and challenges.

What comes to my music, I have been laziest in years. I've managed to record a new version of Reddish Fall and some new songs: Feed The Fantasy, The One Without A Name (I actually recorded it twice), Strike A Chord and The Cold And Gloomy Night. In december, 2010, I expected to make almost all songs for a "full album" (about 12 songs) in 2011. I wasn't about to make an album or anything, just a lot of songs! School and other stuff have been stressful and that affected to my composing. Today I can actually say the same thing that I said last year. I'm eager to make a lot of songs right now, so you can expect a lot of them next year! I have school leaving exams and military service ahead of me in 2012 - it's gonna be quite a challenge for me to make and record a load of music!

Anyways... Next year is going to be more challenging than this year, I'm sure. I am going to survive of 2012, unless I die on 21th of december when the whole world is going to blow up in pieces... Not! By the way, I hope I can be at home at next year's christmas, because I'm in the army in winter 12-13. 

I spend my new year's eve in Jyväskylä at Meri's. We have some fireworks and a lot of food and Sex and the city episodes to watch, haha! (Yeah, Meri got SATC's oeuvre from me as a gift :) We might go to watch some other's fireworks later tonight too, but our plans are to stay at home and enjoy the last minutes of 2011 for now.

Ah, I don't know what to say. Happy new year and enjoy your last moments in 2011!

PS. My blog has a 1-year-birthday on 17th of January, 2012! ;) I'm sure my text will get better - I'm only learning to write! :D

26. joulukuuta 2011

New year's eve ahead!

Christmas is something which you talk about for weeks. It's something you wait for weeks but then it's over in a blink of an eye. 

I'm happy of what I got, what I gave and the time I spent. The thing I'm happiest about is what I gave. It's always important to hear an important person (in this case, Meri) telling you that she has liked something you have done or given. Meri liked the gifts I gave her and I liked the gifts she gave me!

I'm glad about the gifts I got in general - clothes, chocolate, a new Olympus-camera and much more. The traditional trip to Alahärmä went well too. I drove half of the way there and all the way back home. The trip takes almost four hours in one direction. 

For my part, christmas is, more or less, over. Now it's already time to plan the new year's eve! I spend the rest of the week in Jyväskylä with Meri. New year's plans have sounded really good so far! I like to party on new year's eve...

Fireworks were really important for me when I was younger. Now it's more about partying and having a good time with Meri and family. Still, seeing neighbor's and other's fireworks in the sky is really nostalgic in some way. Well, at least it's somehow exciting and relaxing. Everybody is celebrating the year 2012...

It's a good feeling to think back the year 2011 and in the same time to celebrate the forthcoming year. While you think back the last year, you want to forget it in some way and get ready for the next year - for new memories, for new challenges.

Happy and colorful new year, everybody!

24. joulukuuta 2011

Perinteiden ohituskaistalla

Kirjoitettu junassa Jyväskylä -> Tampere
24. joulukuuta 2011, klo 13.54

"Olen junassa, matkalla kotia kohti, Jyväskylästä Tampereelle. Tänä vuonna päätin rikkoa perinteiden rajoja yllätyksen merkeissä...

Maanantaina koulussa ollessani lähetin Merin siskolle viestiä. Sovin hänen kauttaan Merin vanhempien kanssa siitä, voinko tulla kylään torstaista jouluaaton aamuun, ja sehän sopi! Keskiviikon ja torstain välisenä yönä olin joulukirkossa soittamassa akustista kitaraa kolmessa kappaleessa. Lyhyiden yöunien jälkeen lähdin junalla Jyväskylää kohti, missä Merin isä ja sisko odottivat minua asemalla. Kävimme kahvilla, jotta Meri ehtisi kotiin joulushoppailuiltaan ennen meitä. Merille saavuttaessa alkoi jo hieman jännittää se, että miten hän reagoisi, sillä Merillä ei ollut harmainta aavistustakaan tulostani. Meri siivosi keittiössä ja pysähtyi hämmentyneenä kun sanoin hänelle tyynesti "moi".

En ole ikinä ollut jouluaattona muualla kuin kotona, siksi kyseinen ylläri oli kaikkea muuta kuin perinteistä. Yleensä jouluun on kuulunut aamusauna, mummun vierailu, täyteen katettu jouluruokapöytä ja illalla lahjojen avaaminen yhdessä. Merin näkeminen ennen joulua oli aivan ihanaa. Sain toivottaa hänelle hyvät joulut ihan aattona! Vaihdoimme myös lahjat, jotka avaamme illalla omissa kodeissamme.

Huomenaamulla perheemme matkaa kohti Kauhavan Alahärmää, mummulaa. Joulupäivän vietto Alahärmässä on ollut myös perinne jo vuosikymmeniä. Suku kokoontuu yhteen paikkaan, jolloin näen joitain tuttuja pitkästä aikaa!

Viime jouluna tein lyhyen jouluteemaisen pianovideon Youtubeen ja Facebookiin. Yritän tehdä samanlaisen myös tänään, jotta saisin siitä mukavan tavan. On hauskaa lähettää joulun toivotukset musiikin muodossa! Tänä vuonna pyrin lisäämään sen myös tänne blogiin.

Hyvää joulua ihmiset! Yrittäkää rentoutua, rauhoittua ja olla yhdessä läheistenne kanssa. Älkää myöskään unohtako hyvää ruokaa - Jouluna ei olla nälissään! Yritän tehdä vielä yhden tekstin ennen uutta vuotta. Mutta jos en ehdi, niin toivotan myös hyvää utta vuotta 2012! :)"

Jouluaatto on ohi ja se meni ihan mukavasti. Lahjoista sun muista jouluun liittyvistä asioista seuraavassa tekstissä! Kyseinen jouluntoivotus video on sisältönsä vuoksi nähtävissä vain Facebookissa, ja sielläkin estetty joiltakin harvoilta henkilöiltä. Fb kaverit, käykää tsekkaa! Näkemisiin! :]
         /    \
\,,\_ (O_o)_/,,/

19. joulukuuta 2011


December has already reached its half way - the snow has fallen and weather has been awful. Last saturday, it was my 18th birthday and on this staurday it's christmas! On 10. december, Meri and I went to "Joulutori" (xmas plaza). There was a lot of handicraft and other nice christmas stuff. I didn't buy anything but Meri bought a gift to her dad.
We made a "snowman" too. I don't know what it was but I have pictures of it! It was fun to make something of snow again. It had a simple body, hair of flames, stick hands, eyes of rock and a nose of a carrot! My sister made a snow lantern and my little brother made a chair of snow. 
"My queen of winter"

The concert in school went well and I have some pictures of it also. I didn't screw anything up which was a suprise because I thought I'd have serious guitar problems. And one of the problems were that I hadn't practised the songs but I learned them before the concert. My friend, Sassi, borrowed his ESP guitar for me and I used it in two first songs.

 From the school concert

Concerts are not over. Next wednesday, school ends and vacation start! Our school has a christmas ceremony in a church and I will play acoustic guitar in it. It's not a big deal although it's quite exciting to play in a church with a miked acoustic guitar. Oh, I can only imagine the silence of the crowd and the echo of the guitar.

After these painful wake ups and sleepless nights, I feel really tired at school. I have to write an essay for tomorrow's english class. But that's ok because I'm going to record some funny music today with Joel, Konsta and Sassi.

8. joulukuuta 2011

From Childhood

I am from a wild childhood
From Pokémon cards and friends
I am from Twister popsicles and Pepsi Max
From Siivikkala, school and hobbies

I am from Play Station 2
From Amiga games and superballs
The pine in our backyard, Bon Jovi's Crossroad
I am from Frisco and candies
From LP records and pranks
From family, cousins and wild parties
I am                                           from
Piano,                                         melodies
I'm from                                              music

Written on 8th of Dec, 2011
by Antero Jokinen

Young me in somewhere between 2000-2002

Please read George Ella Lyon's poem "Where I'm From"

7. joulukuuta 2011


Today I had a nine-hour school day because I had three retakes: Finnish, Psychology and English vocabulary test (of four different themes). Finland's 94th Independence Day was yesterday, so Meri and I had a day off from school. This morning I woke up tired and now, after the school day and exams, I'm still quite tired and I've got a lot to do.

On monday, I played guitar on three songs at my school's Independece Day's ceremony. The songs were pretty boring but it's always fun to play something, somewhere. Next monday, couple of my friends and I will play a full concert in our school's auditorium. Set list is quite nice because we got to influence to it! It has twelve songs with three songs where I play a guitar solo. On "Imaginary", I get to play keys.

The setlist:

1. You Give Love a Bad Name (by: Bon Jovi)
2. Valokuvia (by: Mamba)
3. Paperweight (by: Joshua Radin)
4. La Dolce Vita (by: Matti Puurtinen)
5. Prayer (by: Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli)
6. Mansikkamäki (by: Katri Ylander)
7. Your Song (by: Elton John) / You And I (by: Lady Gaga)  .. I'm not sure yet!
8. Super Bass (by: Nicki Minaj)
9. Don't You Ever Leave Me (by: Hanoi Rocks)
10. Se Jokin Sinulla On (by: Ronny and the Loafers)
11. Fly Me To The Moon (by: Bart Howard)
12. Imaginary (by: Evanescence)

The set has both, finnish and foreign, songs. I can play the solo on You Give Love a Bad Name but I haven't had time to practise Don't You Ever Leave Me's or Valokuvia's solos! I have time to practise them today and tomorrow althought I'm thinking of going to christmas shopping tomorrow.

Busy times. I'm in a hurry to buy the christmas presents, learning to play the solos, read a book by next wednesday and writing an essay and an initialization for finnish. I can deal with them! :D