14. marraskuuta 2011

Strike a Chord

"I'm not feeling well today. I got a flu but my body temperature is ok. So what else could I do than write my blog while others are in school? Maybe two essays for finnish class... Dammit! I shall write them later..." 

That's what I wrote on 9th day of November. Actually, I wrote a whole text back then but I had a problem with the editing software for the drumming video. Althought this all is somewhat old text, I still want to publish this text with the video that I edited today!

On 8/11, I was driving around Lielahti, Tampere. Everything went quite well and I'm really starting to get the feeling of driving alone some day. It will be great - More "freedom" again!

Nightwish's song called Storytime (Imaginaerum, 30/11/2011) started to play on radio 7/11. Finnish radio stations played it all the time and people were quite happy about it. Some said that the song let them down, they excepted more from Nightwish. I think the song is good as a single. Simple and easy for all kind of listeners. Ghost Love Score is one of the best songs from Nightwish but it wouldn't be a good single. Storytime was released 9/11 in Finland and 11/11/11 in other countries. The music video is up on YouTube!

And of course I got the Sonata Arctica: Live in Finland -DVD on time, 9/11. I watched and listened all the four discs and it was incredible! Hope you all see it.

I decided to make a simple and short video of my newest song, "Strike a Chord". It's very fun to play with drums and guitar! Speaking of guitars... My Ibanez's plugin is broken again and I have to take it to the guitar repair shop. That's why I made the video with drums.

Anyway.. This song is really simple altho' it has some funny time signature changes. The song was made when I had fun with composing. It felt easy and pleasant.

I recorded this with three cameras because I wanted to have many different angles. Windows Live Movie Maker fucked the whole thing up so I had to use only one angle. The background track is a MIDI file from Guitar Pro 5!

The song has been ready for about two weeks and I have played it only few times. It's not hard to see that on the video. But hey, this is a blog. Not an official channel or anything. Everyone can see it and it's okay but I can do better. And when I do better, I shall upload it then. Now this video is only available in this blog.

Guitar is going to be repaired this week and then I will start thinking about recording my two new songs! :)

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