1. marraskuuta 2011

Storytime = November!

This is the first day of November. The month that I have waited for so long! 

Two of my favourite bands, Sonata Arctica and Nightwish, are going to release some badass stuff in November! The best of the bests, Sonata Arctica, releases their second live dvd on 9/11. "Live in Finland" will include a live show which was recorded in Oulu Club Teatria last spring, parts of a live show that was recorded in august, 2009 and a huge amount of bonus features like making-ofs and music videos. And that was just the DVDs.. The digibook will include those two DVDs + two CDs of the Club Teatria and Sonata Arctica Open Air! Sonata's last album, The Days of Grays, was released in 2009 and their last DVD was released in 2006, so the new DVD is very welcome! They are also making their new album right now. It doesn't have a name yet and no one has heard any demos. The new album will hit the stores in 2012. I am so excited!

Nightwish has become more and more important for me during last couple of years. Their long-waited album, Imaginaerum, comes to stores in my name day, 30/11! There is a little piece of their new music video on YouTube (beneath). It's from the "Storytime" single which comes to stores in the same day as the Sonata DVD, 9/11! Imaginaerum is going to be really really huge and it will include everything from heavy symphonic metal to simple pop rock and even jazz! Tuomas said in an interview that Jukka had to take some drum lessons because the jazz song was so difficult to play. The album is composed for the forthcoming Nightwish movie with the same name. That's why Imaginaerum's songs differ a lot from each other. I have never seen a movie from a band and I'm so thrilled because of Imaginaerum. Iron Maiden has made a movie, Flight 666, but I haven't seen it yet.

I started driving school today! My dad teaches me to drive. I got my driving permission today and we went straight to the point. I drove around Siivikkala and it went really well. We didn't have more than 20 minutes because my sister needed a car. I'm really looking forward to getting a driver's license.

Two new songs are ready and they're waiting to be recorded. I'm back in composing again haha! My latest song was ready about 8 months ago and now I suddenly have maid two new songs. My latest upload on YouTube is the new version of One without a name (renamed The One Without A Name) and it was uploaded in 11th of July so it's been a while from uploading anything. I hope I get my guitar and other recording stuff ready quickly so I can start recording the new songs! ;)

My sister moved away (for the 2nd time) in August and now she moved back home again. When she moved back home for the first time I wrote a blog text about it. Now it's all the same. It sucks and so on... But now it's even worse. She has TWO dogs now! Dina and Sera are pissing everywhere and now I, too, should look after them, AGAIN.

Rock and piss. It couldn't be better!

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