30. marraskuuta 2011

Reviewing Imaginaerum!

I decided to write something about the newest Nightwish album that was released today, 30th of November, my nameday. I have listened the songs separately on several times and the whole album two times straight through. I'm also listening to it right now. It's easier to write about it while listening to it.

If you haven't heard of it yet, I recommend listening to it before you read this text. I want to share my feelings and thoughts of it and maybe hear some of yours, too! The album is a coherent story and the atmosphere remains similar from beginning to end. Still, the songs differ from each other quite a lot.

While listening to this, I can not be thinking anything but the forthcoming movie. I can imagine how all the songs are fitted to the movie. The album sounds really much like a film score. If I didn't know about the forthcoming movie, I would have been shocked about how the album is built... The songs' structure and all.. As a music album alone, it works quite well - But with the movie, it will be a blast!
Taikatalvi is a short intro for the album sung by Marco. It's a slow acoustic song which somehow reminds me of Kristian Meurman singing "Lapin Kesä".
Storytime single (released on 9th of Nov.) is a simple song which has all the Nightwish elements: rising intro, heavy riff, orchestra, powerful C part with choir and catching melody. Nightwish has also tried something new - children's choir! This song is pop music with all the good rock elements, just like Nightwish's other singles.
Ghost River:
I love this song! It's weird in somehow, catching and really heavy. It's arrogant in some way! Marco sings low and Emppu's guitar playing is nasty in an awesome way. This song gets better everytime I listen to it!
Slow, Love, Slow:
If you have read some other reviews or interviews of Imaginaerum, you know this one is jazz. Jukka had to take some drum lessons and Tuomas had to spend some time among sheet music. The song gets better towards the end. I can imagine Anette singing on the piano in a small pub.
I Want My Tears Back:
I want my tears back is a song that is easy for listeners. Like other songs on this album, it, too, has Irish atmosphere with bagpipes and all. They have used the folk tone in quite many songs! Both, Marco and Anette, have their parts in this song.
This song is just amazingly weird. Anette and Marco sound like sorceress and sorcere. Well... Marco's voice is more like a troll's voice. It's hilarious and nasty in the same time. Rough song! I can only imagine how fun they have had while making this! This song also gets better everytime I listen to it.
This one is a short instrumental track. It's fast and the atmosphere is exciting. I guess it fits to the movie but in the album I just don't care about it so much. It's a little part of the film's score, nothing more.
Turn Loose The Mermaids:
I was dissapointed that Imaginaerum didn't have enough big, massive, epic songs that are typical for Nightwish. Turn loose the mermaids is a slow song but it, too, dissapointed me in some way. The Crow, The Owl and The Dove was the only real ballad on the album. This one is an "OK song". I would have been so much more satisfied if this song was replaced with a huge epic masterpiece. 
Rest Calm:
Rest calm is a medium-speed song. I mean it's between a slow ballad and fast rock song, like Scaretale for example. Verses are played with an electric guitar but choruses are played with an acoustic guitar. It's very catchy and has a children's choir in it. One of my favourites.
The Crow, The Owl And The Dove:
The only real ballad on the album. It's composed by the band's bassist, Marco Hietala. When I heard this song for the first time, I was a bit dissapointed. I heard it after Storytime because it's the second single from the album, if I'm not wrong. I like the lyrics and the atmosphere. Gets better when you have heard it a couple of times!
The Last Ride Of The Day:
This is absolutely my favourite at the moment! It has everything that Nightwish song has to have! The intro is massive and catchy. I couldn't even sleep last night 'cause it was in my head! The melody of the chorus is so beautiful and catchy that I just had to learn it on piano, and I did. The song is easy for everyone to listen to and that's why I guess it's going to be your favourite! It's definitely the last ride of the day...
Song Of Myself:
This song is Tuomas Holopainen's self-image. The ending is touching in some way. The song lasts for 13:40 and the talking section is a large part of it. It has many band members' close friends and relatives in it and Tuomas himself.. This one is the end, and it's going to fit to the movie in a great way.. Just guessing!
So that was it! Instrumental song called Imaginaerum, is the whole album compressed in one package! This doesn't only sound like a film score, it is a film score!
The album wasn't a let down and I'm sure that it's going to get better and better. I was expecting something like this! Because, hey, it's for the movie. I was dissapointed in the amount of song tho'. There is 13 tracks and they include a short intro, a short istrumental song, an OK song (Turn loose the mermaids) and the outro, Imaginaerum. And what remains of them is 9 good songs. After four years of waiting, 9 good NW songs is quite a small amount. "It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality", they say. It's true and I'm pretty happy of the album. And now it's time to wait for the Sonata Arctica's new album which comes before summer 2012! :')

What did you think about the album or some of its songs? :P

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Taikatalvi reminded me about this song because it has some christmas elements in it and melody is similar in some parts

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I actually really like the album :)!! Last ride of the day is my favorite song too ^-^. Some of the songs you have to listen more than once to really like them. I think this album is different from all the others, but also a bit the same. But it was sure worth to buy it! I also really like scaretale, I want my tears back and storytime :).