27. marraskuuta 2011

The first snowflake fallen to the ground

It has been ±0°c outside and rained all the time. I just escorted (don't know if escort is the right word for it) Meri to railway station and when I got back home, it was snowing! The temperature is still around zero but it's not pouring water anymore, it's pouring snow. I took a video of it while I was walking at Lielahti, Tampere.

I don't remember a single year when the first snow would have fallen this late. Last year the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow on 14.10! Is there going to be any snow on christmas or new year's eve? Finland is known for its white and cold winter and santa claus. I want a classic snowy christmas and new year's eve!

Christmas illuminations and melting snow

December is right there around the corner and I haven't got any gifts for anyone yet. I'm so excited about december. On 17th day I have my 18th birthday. Legal adulthood, haha. Christmas eve is exactly one week after that and then again a week after that it's new year's eve. And of course holidays start before christmas!

Star in our living room and Donna with candelabra
We have put our christmas illuminations, a star to our living room and candelabra on. They help me to bear the darkness outside. Tampere city's staff have also put their winter lights on in the city's main street. They get me in the good mood. Now I should just go shopping some christmas stuff and get ideas for gifts. I'm really waiting for the bright golden sunrises and white winter mornings. I can't stand the wet weather and darkness without snow and nice mornings. You see, I don't hate everything about winter. Just the coldness and eternal darkness of it.

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