23. marraskuuta 2011


Let's forget the dark winter design. It's dark when I go to school, it's dark when I come home from school. This is so depressing!

I wanted to have a simple design in the blog so I replaced the dark winter river picture with a beautiful landscape that I found on google a long time ago. The blog headline is simpler than ever but it still needs something. I'm going to change its color or something. Well anyways... as you have seen, I change some things in the design when I'm on the mood. 

I've wanted to talk about my instruments for a long time. You all are going to be freaking bored about that! But still, I decided to write about my piano & Yamaha keys, Ibanez & acoustic guitar & Roland amp and drums. Just for my fun, haha!

The gloomy autumn hasn't got all of my strenght yet, so I did record the new song, Strike a Chord! It's on YouTube just like my other "demos". Recording was painful as always but the final product ended up okay. I can't get the quality any better without expensive hardware and software. 

The end of the fall / beginning of winter is depressing. I have my own song for that topic too, "The Cold and Gloomy Night". Its recordings are in progress! 

The blog text about some of my instruments are going to be written today or couple of days later :) There is going to be good and bad sides of them and just some random stories and facts.

Have a depressing end of fall, y'all! 
Just kidding.

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