21. marraskuuta 2011


Saturday night was special to me. A perfect sight, a world divine.

After sauna, Meri and I made a pizza and roasted some original american marshmallows. Crispy top and soft on the inside. It was tasty and felt weird in the mouth. We also watched a weirdo movie, "Drive".

At midnight we wanted to have a little walk with Geo, Meri's dog. It was freezing out there, -10c°, and the sky was clear. We walked to a road and saw the open sky with hundreds of stars. The stars shone brightly and the whole situation felt like a dream. There can't be anything so beautiful as that! Meri and I decided to take Geo inside and put more clothes so we could come back to see the beautiful sky again.


It was still pretty cold but I couldn't think about that when the moment was so magical. There we were, my lady and the starry sky. We were lying in the middle of the road just to get the best view. Sky was dark blue and you could even see the furthest stars. There was so many of them. The idea of infinite space was so facinating. It looked like the sky would have been 2D, like a  cover of the world. But sometimes I could imagine it as a 3D. "What if I could fly through the sky and by the stars and go on forever..." I can't even explain the feelings I got. 

We would have missed so much if we hadn't come back. We saw more than five shooting stars in an hour! I'm not even sure if I have seen a shooting star before or not. They were amazing and one of them split the sky in two. It was great to experience this with Meri. Stars are on of the nature's incredible miracles.

Read a clearer version of this story :') http://cloudrivers.blogspot.com/2011/11/seventh-shooting-star.html

Here is my song called Constellations (=tähtikuviot).

PS. "Strike a Chord" is ready: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFWjCNXotPc

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