25. lokakuuta 2011

Shopping trip gone ...great?

A pic I took with my new Samsung Galaxy S+
Unfortunately, holiday ended and it is time to learn new things at school. Maintaining interest in courses' subjects in school is very difficult and exhausting. Some of the topics in some courses are really tedious! I have two different music courses going on too, so I have this huge stack of sheets for songs and I have to learn everyone of them. But this blogtext is not about me whining about stress and school! This is about the autumn vacation I just had!

The vacation started on 15th of October and the last day of it was on last sunday, on 23th of October. Vacations like this helps you to relax and forgot school for a moment. I had a wonderful time with Meri in both, Ylöjärvi and Jyväskylä. 

We started our vacation in Ylöjärvi. On monday, we went swimming to a indoor swimming pools in Tampere with my little brother. We enjoyed it a lot so Meri and I went to a spa in Jyväskylä later on the vacation. Nothing could be a better way to relax than swimming and sprawling in a hot pool (37 celsius hot water!)  We also ate a lot of everything and watched movies during the vacation.

In Jyväskylä, we shopped and hanged out with Meri's big brother. Meri got new jeans and I got new headphones and shoes. I was supposed to buy new headphones that I'd use during my train trips and that cost 20-30€ - OR - Big headphones that have a really long wire and I'd use them while drumming and that cost about 50-60€. And I ended up with a mix of these two different kind of headphones - Philips SBCHP400! They were really cheap but their quality is still good, even for drumming! They cost only 27€ and the wire is 2 meters long, so it is enough for drumming my electric kit.

The shoes had really great value for money too. 
I haven't bought winter shoes since primary school, six years ago. These ones were warm because of their wool lining and snow is not easily accessible in the shoe, so my feet don't easily get wet. The shoes cost only 49,90€. After I tested them I changed the shoe for my left foot because it had some fluffs. In the bottom of the shoe there was "44" (the size of my foot) like it was supposed to be. On sunday, when I started to use them, I noticed the left shoe was smaller althought there was an insole for a shoe size of 44! That means I have to change the shoe because some bastard had put the wrong insole in it! ...Anyways, I'm glad I got such a great pair of shoes with such a low price!

November is near. I have so much songs to make and edit that it's killing me! They should be on a higher place than school in the order of precedence! :D It's getting darker and darker but I have waited for this November for a long time, I have to say! It's going to rock some serious butt! More about it later ;)

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